Pozna?, 18 June 2007








Dear Sirs!

We are very glad to see the development of Wizzair at the Pozna? Airport. We are sure that it will bring benefits for both – society of Pozna? and Wielkopolska region and Wizzair. Being satisfied from opening of your new routes we would like to encourage you to go further!

Pozna? and Wielkopolska are developing very fast and need more direct connections buy cymbalta cheap with other cities and regions of Europe. This demand was shown also during our campaign “We want to fly from Pozna?!”. That is why we would like to ensure you about our help and cooperation regarding promotion of new routes.

We hope to see more offers coming as soon as possible!

Pozna?’s clients are waiting!

What you need to do is just to let them fly!


Best regards

In the name of Association “Investments for Pozna?”


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